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Hello ,

My H1B visa got expired on 30-SEP-2017. Due some personal constraints  I traveled back to India on 16-APR-2018 .

I came to know am eligible for DROP BOX .  Right now am working for the same client at offshore  but my client won't issue any letters. 

I want to know do we need to use drop box program up on immediate arrival to India ?  As am applying drop box after 2.5 months up on arrival .

Will this cause any issue during stamping process .

Please help me

Thanks ,


Edited by SREEDHAR0579

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Hello Sreedhar,

If you are still working for the same employer(the one who filed your extension petition) the offer letter, paystubs etc. will be the primary documents for your. Client letter would serve as supporting document.  As long as you have maintained the employee - employer relationship between you and your employer till the date, I believe there wont be any issue.

Also in order to remain in that 12 month visa expiration Dropbox eligibility, you need to submit your documents before 30th Sept 2018 and that would work without any issues.  While scheduling the appointment, if you answer all the Dropbox eligibility questions and if the website gives you the Dropbox option then you are good.

 All of the above is just my opinion, not a legal advice. 



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