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travel to UK with dismissed case in USA

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The answer would be fact specific. What exactly happened? It is unlikely her majesties government woul know of petty crimes or they would not care if the case was dismissed. Ordinarily these two countries do not share such information unless serious crimes are involved unlike CANADA and the USA.

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13 hours ago, Sreemukhi said:


can I travell to UK with dismissed case in USA..

do UK immigration and USA share details of person...

Thank you

You should assume that they do share such details and then act accordingly. While this is US immigration forum, I would presume that UK authorities, similarly to their US colleges, expect honest answers when/if they ask you about any criminal history. If your case was not serious (e.g. less than DUI or DV) you should have no issues entering other western countries. Canada won't let you enter with a single DUI. I don't know about UK.   

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The US has close cooperation with certain countries, and one could assume the UK is one of them.

Whether or not a shoplifting charge that you were fingerprinted for becomes an issue isn't clear. Did you disclose the arrest on your H4 and UK visa appl? 

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