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F1 prove intention to return to home country

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I’m currently in US studying at rutgers for past two years, want to complete graduation here by May 2019.

  • parents in US on temporary L visa
  • brother on L-2 visa
  • applied COS from L2 to F1, turned 21, no decision from USCIS yet due to processing times
  • deciding to abandon i539 and go to uk (home country) for F1 stamping


  1. rutgers is reputed but still how to prove for intention to return?
  • parents have home in uk, but they are in US
  • have good grades and GPA as well

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Considering you are from the United Kingdom and that you are studying at Rutgers, you should have no trouble getting the visa. They decide your chances of returning based on the circumstances and nothing else. Stop overthinking the process and you should get your visa.

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According to a question on this topic back in February, a long-time member had suggested exiting the US and applying for an F1 visa at a Consulate overseas. Have you given any additional thought to that option? 

USCIS processing times are horrendous. Consular processing could be faster. 

Immediate family in the US decreases the odds of anyone returning home after studies. 

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