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My visa expires on 12/19/2018 and my H1B on 12/27/2018 , and my company is currently working on my perm. 

As per today, if i do a recapture, i will be able to extend my visa till April 17th. I am afraid I might need more time and I am planning my vacations in order to extend my time. I am travelling out of country end of August and also would like to attend a wedding outside the country mid of November. Would it be safe to travel in November ( returning end of Nov)  to my recapture and only do the recapture after I return or is it too close to my visa expiry that I may be questioned at the POE.. Is premium processing available for recapture?? 


If needed, could recapture be done twice??


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"Recapture" is essentially H1B- extension. You can do it multiple times. It is of course a waste of resources -- confirm with the company about your plan and if they are will to apply multiple times for the extension within the year. Since it's H1-B extension, it can be done under PP.

Personally, I would apply once, after you're back in November and capture all the time spent outside. You maybe asked about the H1B dec end date at the POE but there is nothing to it, just say it is being extended. It is not an issue (atleast prior to the current administration).  


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