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PERM - When to begin the process?

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I wanted your opinion on my situation

Recently my H1B was approved and I plan to get married in Dec 18. My fiancé is working on her 2nd yr of OPT. Based on her  current situation since next year is her last year for H1B application I wanted to check if

1. I apply for my PERM will that help her in working on H4-EAD (Assuming that H4 rule comes through) after next April?
2. When should I start me PERM process
3. What are some other options for her to stay in US and still work?


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1. Once married, you will need an approved I-140 for her to get the H4 EAD. By that time it is possible the H4 EAD will have gone from the rule books. So do not bank on it.

2. Your company can start it any time they like.

3. H1 or H4 EAD once qualified if that still exists.

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You don't apply for PERM, the employer does.

An the H4 EAD requires an approved I-140.


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1. Start PERM activities ASAP. However, it is sponsorship; so your employer need to do that. In order to get her H4 EAD, your I-140 need to be approved, she needs to be on H4. Mere PERM+I-140 application takes about 1.5 years from start to finish.
2. Answered above.
3. Get her own job on visas similar to H1b.

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