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Is there any risk in applying for GC while visiting USA on B1

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I am a US citizen and I would like to sponsor my parents for family based GC when they come to USA next month but I am not sure what are the risks.
Also they are too old to go for consular processing etc in India so I was thinking of applying for their GC when they visit me in US.

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The rules have been significantly altered. I would suggest to you that if they can travel to the USA, they can certainly travel to the local US Consulate. It is significantly faster to use Consular Processing and you will have a handle on whether Trump is successful in removing Obamacare by that time in which case you may have a rethink on sponsoring them.

Apply for them via consular processing .

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That in a nutshell is visa fraud.  Being old is not an excuse to avoid CP! 

When they are at a POE, please have them inform the CBP they're planning to apply for a GC while in the US on a B2. 

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