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I had an international travel back to US with an expiring passport in 2016 and my I94 was cut short to Oct 2016. I crossed San Diego border Dec 2017 and officer kindly correct my I94 on my new passport. 


Now the issue is although I had a valid most recent I94 but there is a gap more than a year in my I94 history. I got mixed response from various CBP officers, some said it is not overstay some said it is. My attorney said this is a big issue if I had international travel in the future.


Just wonder if anyone else experienced similar situation, or anyone had any insight.


Thanks a lot.

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I am in similar situation as you with I94 being expired. It will be really helpful if you could please let me know what your experience was at the san diego border.., like what you were asked.., 

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The fact that the CBP Officer gave you an I94 in 2017 makes your stay legal. Get hold of a proper Immigration Lawyer and ask the company to pay. What exactly is an Immigration team ? My 2 cents you are fine even if the CBP Officer made an error. Is your current lawyer an Immigration Lawyer?

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