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Going to school with approved I140 (EB1)

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     My I140 was approved a month ago in the EB1 category but I cannot yet file my I-485 due to the severe retrogression in EB1 dates for Indian and Chinese nationals. I am currently employed in academia on an H1B. Here's my question: Is it possible for me to go to school (in the US) and get another graduate degree? What would be my status be? I am clearly not a permanent resident (or US citizen) but am not an international student either as I have been living in the US for the past 16 years. Will the school give me an I120 nevertheless that I will have to use to get my visa if I do leave US temporarily and try to reenter?

Your responses are appreciated.

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The dates would rebound in November. You cannot get a F1 as you have an approved Immigration petition. Wait for November and things may settle down.

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As stated above, i-20 is issued by a SAVIS participating school for F-1 non immigration visa applicants. You do not need i-20 to study in USA. You need to be in valid status, which you are (H1b). Now as long as you fulfil requirements of H1b , you can study full time(If you can) or part time in any school of your choice and any programme of your choice. The school will verify your valid USA immigration status by asking a copy of your i-94 and 797 approval receipt. 

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