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I have a PERM and I-140 approved with a priority date of July 2010 in EB2 India. If I want to downgrade from EB2 to EB3, does it require a new PERM and I140 or just I140? 

Also, If the new I140 for EB3 gets rejected for whatever reason, Can I still use the old I140 for EB2 the date becomes current for EB2. Or does the I140 for EB2 becomes invalid once you apply for a new I140 for EB3?


Thanks and regards.

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Why do you want to downgrade? EB2 is going faster than EB3.

You would need a new PERM, since the I-140 has to be filed within 6 months of PERM approval.

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Thanks for the response. 

exploring that option since the inventory in EB3 is much lower compared to EB2. And there is speculation that EB3 will move faster that EB2.

If I apply for a new perm and I140 in EB3 and then port the 2010 date from EB2, will the I140 for EB2 become invalid. Just trying to understand, if the I140 for EB3 gets denied, Would I140 for EB2 which I applied in 2010 will still be valid?



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