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STEM extension Should eligibility category (c)(3)(c) have to disclose arrest record in form I-765 in section "23.(c)(36) eligibility category b. Have you ever arrested/convicted for a crime

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Applying for 24 months STEM OPT, With an arrest record(theft less than $100) dispositioned as Nolle Prosequi.  Do I have to disclose the arrest information in the I-765 form in 23. (c)(36) and (c)(36) eligibility category (b) Have you ever arrested/convicted for a crime. As it says for (c)(35) and (c)(36) eligibility category but STEM student come under (c)(3)(c). Thank you.

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just tell the truth....because if you lie and the CO/USCIS finds out, you will be done....for a long long time. Stop trying to find loopholes and just give the facts of your case to those who are requesting it.

When I had applicants lie about arrests (often shoplifting while in the US as a student) and my electronic records showed otherwise, their credibility took a huge nosedive....some tried to back pedal with the 'gee, I forgot..." or 'I never went to court'...but the question on the application merely asked, 'have you EVER been arrested?'....if they were unwilling to answer that simple question truthfully, why should I believe anything else they tell me? Remember, credibility is the best asset a visa applicant has....don't ruin it at the outset.




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