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Is NOC required for B-2 if working in a PSB

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Hi All,

My parents have applied for B-2 visa and the interview is coming up. My dad works in a public sector bank and mom is a housewife. I was wondering if my dad needs to get a NOC from the bank for visa interview?

Thank you.

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an NOC is not required nor can it or any document overcome 214b....an NOC is just window dressing; it does not demonstrate a strong tie to one's country....

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The NOC is deemed necessary by the GOI for people in specific jobs and areas. In the absence of the NOC, these folks will not be allowed to travel abroad, irrespective of whether they have a visa or not. It has no connection to the USA in any way shape or form. Your parent should be asking their employer. I doubt a bank employee needs an NOC.


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