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selective Service Q Online Form N400

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 N400 Online Filing - Question on Selective Service

Came to US in 2001 on F1 (Student) Visa at the age of 24 years.... and didnt register for selective services and wasnt aware of it.

Received Permanent Residence (GC) at the age 36.... 

Sorry Don't mean to pose a silly Q which might have already addressed.... but... N400 filing ONLINE is forcing to choose Yes or No to Qs

Can the experts shed some light here in filing the application correctly... 

Question 1 below:  Should I choose "Yes".... OR....  "No"...



If I choose "YES" to Question 1 Above... Additional Questions are asked (popup) while filing the application online... screenshot below...




Read some articles... but couldnt get any guidance on what should be my Answer to the Questions during filing ONLINE N400...

Seeking guidance here... 

Appreciate your support.

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As the fine print on question 1 says: "This does not include living in the United States as a lawful immigrant."

If, however, you were out of status at any time before your 26th birthday, you wouldn't have been a lawful nonimmigrant and you would have been required to register for Selective Services.

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This N-400 question could have read more clearly. Has anyone faced issues like misrepresentation for answering "No" in similar circumstances as the OP?  The Avvo attorneys favor answering "Yes". The question does NOT specify the status one had to be in. 


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On 6/22/2018 at 10:49 AM, pontevecchio said:

What part of "This does not include living in the United States as a lawful non Immigrant" do you not understand?

Maybe I didn't get enough sleep today, but I don't 100% understand the "This..." part. So what if "this" doesn't include living in the US as a nonimmigrant? The question only asks: "Are you a male who lived in the United States at any time between your 18th and 26th birthdays?"

So shouldn't the answer be "Yes" and then the fine-print addressed by tones of evidence to prove a continuous nonimmigrant status? In my case that would mean going 25 years back in my records to retrieve old I-20s, etc. So I hope you are right, but the wording of the question still makes me super nervous. 

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It means that the question does not apply to people who lived in the US as legal non-immigrant. So, the answer to the question is obviously a no.

In any case, if you are paranoid, you can get a letter from Selective Services, which would state (after you provide them with appropriate evidence) that you were not required to register.

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