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Dads B2 Visa rejected 4 times .. Please help

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My dads Visa was rejected 4 times in 2016, reason 214b. We were desperate to have him here as my  7 yr old daughter was undergoing chemo in stanford. Even letters from docs did not help. He is retired state gov employee but is a financial consult for state SPACE application center. He has one house ( on my moms name), one house in his name  and agricultural lands in India. He also has substantial amount of Fixed deposits on his name. my mom got her Visa 10 yrs ago , my dad dint go with her for Visa then. Hi parents are alive and he has a job to go back home to. I am their only child. BTW

!) Should I sponsor his Visa like last 4times of should he sponsor himself?
2) Will working for SPACE application center be a problem? should he resign ?
3) I work as an independent consultant with multiple customers so I have pay checks but wont be able to get a letter from the employer? How should I project that?
4) how can i show stronger ties to India , if they are not looking at property details or at the bank records or the fact that his parents are alive  and are very old?

5) when he applied in 2016 we had L1 Visa , now we have a green card. will that be a problem?

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First, there is no sponsoring for visitor visas. You can pay for the trip, but that's not sponsoring.

Second, while I can understand the situation, this looks too much as if he would be going to help in the household. Even more so with multiple applications in a year. Unless things have changed another application won't help.

Third, letters from employers or doctors or your paychecks are irrelevant. They don't pertain to him.

You don't say what trip duration was planned.

From your narrative, my guess is that the visas got denied because of suspicion that he would help in the household, which is considered work, which is not allowed for visitors.

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still seems like an odd refusal....true, the helping the household issue may be of some concern, but his spouse has had a visa for a while, and unless she has been staying in the US for 10-11 months each year (with an extension), I don't see why he should be denied.

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