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H1B Amendment and extension

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To whom so ever it may concern,

I applied for H1B amendment for client location B as I moved from A, i had and RFE for location B and I am yet to respond.

My extension is due in couple of months as well,

In case if amendment denies for B then do i have to move back to


I can apply for extension finding a job at any other location C and Amendment denial wouldn't matter since extension is like asking for 3 yrs of H1B again?


Please Advice?

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If amendment is denied you will have to move back to A (unless the denial also invalidates the original petition, unlikely).

Another extension petition can be filed now or later. However for it to be approved with extension of status, you must be working as per the previously approved petition. (You must be maintaining your status as of the date of filing)

Alternatively, another amendment+extension to location C can be filed, but it may get approved as consular notification.

Consult with an attorney. Keep in mind that most likely reason amendment gets denied is because of employer-employee relationship, specialty occupation or your education eligibility. These reasons must be addressed irrespective of any location change.

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