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H1B Transfer RFE: End Client Letter

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I recently moved to a new job through H1B Transfer. The new job is in a E-V-C model. I got a RFE which among other documents requested for client letter. The client C has issued a letter stating that I am an employee of V and that my salary, performance and benefits are handled by the vendor. The reason for this is that my MNC client can only issue a letter for vendors with whom they have a direct MSA/SoW signed .

My employer E (a sister company/subcontractor) of vendor is not mentioned in the letter which is making me wonder if this can be misinterpreted? The vendor has also issued a supporting letter stating that my employment and salary is managed by employee and not by vendor.

My questions are

1) Can I use this client letter and supporting letter in my response to the RFE. Can this lead to confusion and rejection of my H1B?

2) Should I not provide the client letter at all? 

3) Which is a preferred option

4) Any alternatives.

Thanks !

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Can your employer show up at the client and discuss your work? If not, there is no employer-employee relationship. Your employer has to be able to direct your work.

Avoid EVC. There is no economic reason to have middle vendors.

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