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In Laws visiting to USA on Visitor visa!

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Hello Everyone,


My In Laws would be visiting us (me and my wife) in a few weeks to USA, the primary reason for the stay is to travel ,  visit few places and spend time with us.

Also only my wife's mother would visit us for 5 months and then go back to India. Our question is during her travel at the POE ,

1: does she need to give any letter stating reasons of visit, address during her stay and other such type of questions which might be asked by the CBP Officer?.

2: Also Do i need to send this  letter by typing and signing it?

3: What are the best health insurances which need to be opted.


thanks in advance!

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well, how many children do YOU have and how old are they? Is the main purpose of the MIL's trip to provide child care so her daughter can return to work? Becaue if that is the case, then :

(a) telling cBP that will mean she will be sent home or 

(b) lying about it will also mean she gets sent home, with a cancelled visa.....

Child care is consider work and thus is NOT allowed by a B2 visa holder, under any and all circumstances....it does not matter if the child care is for a relative nor does it matter if said relative would be paid...(room and board is sufficient)...now, lots of people lie...but if caugfht in said lie, well, wave good bye to the visa....


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If she is asked the purpose of the visit, she should say Tourism and visiting family. That's all. No more No less. Do not have them stress over it. Just another country.

Have them look up Indian Companies who are in this business for their Insurance.

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