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How will reckless driving arrest affect my H1B visa stamping?

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Hi All,

I was arrested and finger-printed in virginia for reckless driving under misdemeanor (apparently misdemeanor is a crime in VA). It was the first and only arrest, court hearing date is in Aug and my lawyer will be trying to get it reduced to a speeding ticket. I just got H1B visa approved and planning to go to India in Dec for visa stamping.

1. How will the reckless driving arrest affect the visa stamping?

2. Should I disclose this to my employer assuming I get 221g and it takes weeks(?) to get the visa stamped since I might be missing on work? Or take a chance of not disclosing it hoping that there will be no 221g?

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Hi There,  What was the outcome of you reckless driving case. I got reckless driving ticket today. Please let me know. I was driving 57 over 35 speed.

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