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Question about delaying my H1b extension filing

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Hi All,

I would like to ask you one question about delaying my H1b extension filing.

A bit of a background about my situation: I am currently extending my H1 visa based on my approved I-140. My I-94 expires in the month of December. So my company would generally start filing for H-1B extension in June.

I am getting married to a Chinese citizen early next year. So I qualify for cross-country chargeability, due to which I am able to file I-485. (my PD is Jan-2013, current PD of China is in September 2014).

Apparently, as the current situation with H1 extensions doesn't look so good, I want to see if I can delay filing my extension till October so, by the time the H1b is processed at USCIS, I would have had a chance to file for I-485 also.

Do you see any issues with going this route? Are there any good reasons why I should stick with normal filing? Please help me out!


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In my opinion, stick to normal processing and make changes later.

Doing that adds few months to you getting GC in hand but it doesn't look like a manipulated process followed to obtain a GC via marriage to Chinese Citizen.

Once again, my opinion has no legalities but only assumptions.

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