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In process of porting from eb3 to eb2 (India) PD - May 2010. Should i continue or stay in eb3 queue?

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We are in the process of porting from eb3 to eb2 (India) through the same employer.  PERM is approved, about to apply for i140. Priority Date is May 2010.

I have following questions:

1. Given the current situation where eb3 is moving faster than eb2, does it make sense to move to eb2?

2. If by ANY chance may 2010 becomes current and my i140 for eb2 is pending will I be able to apply for i485 using my eb3 i140? 

3. What happens to my eb3 i140 once eb2 i140 is approved? Will it still be valid since the employer is the same?


Thanks in advance. 

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1. I think total time taken for EB-2 is still going to be less than time taken for EB-3. It is easier to get PERM approved for EB-3 and same for I-140 for EB-2.

2.  You can choose only 1 direction and only that will be your case. EB-2 or EB-3, not both. I do lot of analysis and based on historical data (last few years only), still May 2010 should be reached first using EB-2.

3. No.

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