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(1.) My LCA and H1b was in the approved state with the Employer 'A' until Dec'2019. I was working as 3rd party consultant (Employer-Vendor-Client :: EVC model).

(2.) Last year in Oct'2017, my contract ended with the client so I got a new job with a new client at new location while my employer and vendor remained same. My employer filed H1b amendment as location and client was changed. I started working at new location with the new client based on filed H1b amendment.

(3.) I recently got RFE on my filed H1b amendment to prove degree is required for this job and it matches up with the filed LCA profile. My employer 'A' is still working on it to get RFE responded though Client provided the client-letter with job duties but denied to write the requirement of degree for job on client-letter and said we are IT company so we do not ask for degree for any job and just skills and experience so we will not write anything for the degree. My current employer 'A' is planning to file RFE response with the expert letter to justify degree for this job by the end of month.

(4.) In between, I got an offer from a US based Employer 'B' for a full time job and they are willing to file new LCA and H1b transfer as this new Employer 'B' is at a new another location.


Kindly guide and help me with the following:

(a.) Can Employer 'B' file for H1b transfer though RFE is in process to get responded by my current Employer 'A' ?

(b.) Will my Employer 'B' know once H1b transfer is filed or in case rejected ? In case rejected, can I still continue working with my current Employer 'A'?

(c.) My current Employer 'A' is not very supportive and responsive and I am also looking for some stability to get a full time job so please share your opinion how safe it will be to go and file for H1b transfer in this my current situation.

Request for an early response as I need to take a decision pretty soon. Kindly help !!!

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You need to be way shorter. Nobody reads all that stuff you wrote.

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Have employer B file with PP and leave and return on the H1 visa after approval.

As said a brief question is better answered.

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