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Application to extend H4 status is denied due to the withdrawal of my husband's H1B extension by the previous employer

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Hi all,

I am on H4 visa. My husband is in H1B. Our visa expiration date is January, 2018. His Previous employer applied for visa extension in July, 2017 for my husband along with my H4 extension. My husband changed his employer in Sep 2017 and didnt put my h4 extension thereafter. 

We called USCIS in Jan 2019 to inquire about any additional documents that may needed for my H4 visa due to my husband's job change. USCIS customer care replied "wait until you get mail from USCIS asking for additional documents".  

Yesterday (May 23, 2018) i received a letter from USCIS stating that "Application to extend/change nonimmigirant status is denied due to the withdrawal of my husband's H1B extension by the previous employer". 

we relied on previous h4 extension application and didnt put new h4 extension after my husband changed employer in Sep 2017.

As of today my husband current employer is suggested that we will appeal for this case and also apply for H4 extension parallel.

Meanwhile please let us know your valid suggestions.

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The previous H4 extension was deemed denied when he left that employer. A few hundred dollars was saved. But you now need a lawyer to try and fix the problem. The good news is that you have not accrued 6 months of unlawful status and hence are able to leave and return with a H4 visa AFTER talking to a lawyer.

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