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Moving to a different district after applying N-400

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I filed N-400 two months ago in a district that has high processing times. Now, I can move to a different district with low process times. What are the repercussions on my N-400 if there any? Should I worry about the possibility of rejection? 

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"The service district that has jurisdiction over an applicant’s application may or may not be located within the state where the applicant resides. In addition, some service districts may have jurisdiction over more than one state and most states contain more than one USCIS office.


In cases where an applicant changes or plans to change his or her residence after filing the naturalization application, the applicant is required to report the change of address to USCIS so that the applicant’s A-file (with application) can be transferred to the appropriate office having jurisdiction over the applicant’s new place of residence."



Was it so difficult to find?

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