H1B or UK tier2 which one to choose if i have a choice

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Need your valuable suggestion.

My GC is in the process of being filed in EB3 (not yet filed). I know that it has a wait for 70 years. On the other hand, the same company is willing me to transfer to UK, and 
has given me a choice of where i want to be

I have the below questions

1) Should i wait for the Company to file my GC in EB3 and wait for approval of I140, before I go to UK, or i should not care about the GC and just go for the UK opportunity
2) If i move to UK after my GC is filed,  will my GC still continue with USCIS or it would be revoked.

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If you can get your 140 approved and then go to UK, that will be better.

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You can leave the country but see if you can file the GC also. Til 485 you dont need to be here , even then you can file in councilor processing.But if you opt for UK the company may refuse to file GC.So get it filed first

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