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My spouse was on H4 visa last year (2017) and her visa along with her I-94 were valid till August 2017. She got an admission in one of the dental schools in US and started her dental school on H4 visa status in May 2017. She applied for a COS from H4 to F1 in June 2017. COS was pending with USCIS since then and today we happened to look at the denial status when checked online. We are still waiting for denial letter from USCIS that states the reason for denial. 
As my wife's H4 along with her I-94 expired on the same day, that is August 2017, we are worried if that is the problem for rejection. 
Not sure if she can continue with her dental school until we receive the reason for denial? Should she inform the international office right away or is it better to wait till we get denial letter? 

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