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I-485 based EAD

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I have EAD based on I-485, I am an educator, mostly hiring is done once a year. I got 4-5 job offers and chose one where all the criteria’s were met. I submitted all my documents everything was fine until on the day of intake session their HR said, she doesn’t know about EAD hence they can’t hire me. I did try to explain her,and  it’s not mentioned in their policy that they will hire GC holder or citizen, they are denying me job now because I have EAD and the HR doesn’t know about this work permit. I have declined other job options and I am in a fix as hiring will now not take place until next year. Looking for suggestions... who can help me to sort this out. Which legal personnel can suggest me way forward to approach this disparity.



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Did they give this in writing? First talk to an Immigration Lawyer and ask for an appropriate referral to a Labor Lawyer and sue the school district on the basis of the civil rights act. I presume you have nothing in writing about why they denied you the job? Which illustrious state?

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Most HR is not even qualified of even screening the correct job applicants based on quals..they do it rather based on fonts on resume..

it is unlawful to decline based on Ead .. and definitely can not decline based on sheer ignorance..

Demand and warn the HR to seek the counsel from the institutions legal counsel.. get a letter from your immigration counsel also explaining the legal validity of EAD

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Why did you even mention the EAD?

They are only allowed to ask if the applicant has permission to work in the US. And when the job starts, the person fills out form I-9, with the work permit documents. And they can't pick and choose which documents they accept for the I-9.

Get a labor lawyer and possibly an immigration lawyer involved.


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