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O1 visa_Vancouver 221g

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I'm writing to seek suggestions and help regarding O-1 visa stamping at any US consulate. I am a PhD in Biological Sciences and had my previous J-1 visa stamped in home country (India). No 221g for J visa when I was working for a similar employer. 

Here is my case in short: 

- Passport: Indian

- Visa interview @ Vancouver, Canada on Apr 17 (Tue). 

- Received the yellow 221(g) slip with documentation list crossed out. 

- Never received any email asking for further documentation

- My I-129, Resume, Offer letter from University and Passport were retained by VO

- Status on the CEAC website shows Administrative Processing since Apr 17, i.e., no change in status in 14 business days. 

My queries: 

1. What could be the reason for this long delay ? It was mentioned on I-129 "Consulate notified: New Delhi". I still chose Vancouver because the appointment wait time was 3 days instead of 30-35 days in India. 

2. What is the procedure to take the passport back while admin processing is going on ?
3. Will it be OK to travel to US on a valid B1 visa (I have one already) while O1 admin processing is being done. I need to vacate my apt in US by May 31 and the long wait in Vancouver is causing a lot of stress.  

Please share your experiences and advise me. Thanks for your time and support. 

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If you have a visa stamped and it is valid then you should enter back into USA . In fact you can simply say you went for family vacation or meetings friends or tour in canada and return back to USA. You dont need to give specific details about 221G and you went for stamping etc.Good luck.

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Probably the candidate is back in USA but it is not good idea to lie at POE. They know your history and there is nothing wrong to say that you were stuck in 221G. Never lie. More over if you travel from Vancouver Canada, US immigration will happen there itself.

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