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221g in London Consulate

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Hello There,

I have attended for H1B Visa stamping in London embassy last week and the interview went well lasted for about 8 - 9 minutes. The questions were around work location and end client details. I have shown them the end client letter. At the end they gave me 221g and said they have to carry out administrative processing and will contact me once thats complete.  They have not marked anything in the 221g form and said they do not need any documents from my side. I have informed my employer about this already.

I am wondering what will their next course of action going to be? if anyone had a similar experience and how long this admin processing takes?


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I am in the same situation, but in Vancouver. It looks like 221Gs are mainly given for two reasons - missing documents or Technology Alert List. From what I have read, missing documents / employment verification cases are resolved relatively quickly (3 - 10 business days), but if the VO asked you about your field of study, and your field of study could be in the alert list, resolution could take 3 to 4 weeks. 

In terms of next course of action, there is nothing you can do, except be patient and sit tight. 

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I am also stuck in Vancouver with 221g yellow, no docs asked. Waiting since 20 days and counting. Its expensive plus frustrating. 

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