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Ankur Gupta

CPT in second Masters

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I have completed my first masters from a reputed engineering school and used 3 CPT available for master's program - 3 months fulltime (40 hours) and about 5 months part time (20 hours). I will be exhausting my STEM sooner too. I am looking to apply for second masters with day 1 CPT. Since i have used all my CPT during first masters, am i eligible for full-time cpt in second masters? If so, how long ? Also, i dont have to worry about OPT now, can i continue working on CPT full-time for entire masters?


Please advise. 


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CPT is provided based on your curriculum requirements. If your academic curriculum requires you to obtain practical training then only you will get CPT, otherwise you won't.  Time period of CPT also depends on your curriculum requirements.

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No real university gives out CPT from day one. Signing up with a fraud institution would result in killing your career in the US.

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