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Green card possibility for Indian Born - AUS PR holder.

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Hi All,

Good day. I worked in US from 2010 till 2014 on my H1B. I moved to AUS after getting my AUS PR in early 2015 and have an one year old son who is now an AUS citizen. 

1. Can i come back to US with the H1B i have so that i can skip the H1B lottery queue?
2. Can i apply for GC with my son's AUS citizenship, port my PD based on AUS nationality and get my GC sooner?


PS i heard from one of my friend that this is possible. But just want to check with you all. 


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You can not use your son's citizenship.

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1. You should be able to reclaim the remainder 2 years of H1. Once you become an Australian Citizen, you are eligible for the E3 visa which you can look up. That gives you a lot of leeway.

2. Priority dates are based on your country of birth and not nationality. So NO.

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