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Does Greencard EAD void the L2-EAD?

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First, I got my L2-EAD that is valid till August 2019. Later, I got green card EAD (filed under EB1 category) that is valid till September 2018. My question is, does GC-EAD cancel the existing L2-EAD which is valid for a longer time? If yes, will I lose my work authorization after Sep 2018 if GC-EAD is not renewed?

L2-EAD  valid till Aug 2019

GC-EAD valid till Sep 2018

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If you are working on the basis of the L2 EAD, you can continue to work on that till August, 2019. Getting the GC makes the L2 redundant. Getting the EAD based on the GC does not negate anything as long as the L1 person is in valid L1 status all the time.

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