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2 simultaneous GC processing

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I am in my 6th year of H1B. Max out in March 2019. I work for company A and they haven't filed PERM yet. Company A prolonged it so long and they are saying they will file next month (PWD & Job Advt done) . Meanwhile, company B is ready to do my GC starting next month.

I do have obligation with company B to do H1B transfer and start working for them. Also worried if company A might revoke H1B , after I put paper with company A .

Is it possible to have 2 simultaneous GC proccessing ? What is good choice of action in this scenario.

Any help is highly appreciated.



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An employer BY LAW is required to inform USCIS if an employee on H1 stops working there. So, if you quit A of course that H1 will get revoked. Why would you even care?

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