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Do a foreign national (from INDIA born 1948) applying for permanent residence in US really need Birth Certificate?

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As per the Department of State reciprocity table 


... which is also advised at I-485-instruction (page-9)

(1)Birth Certificates in INDIA available for births after April 1, 1970 and (prior to April 1, 1970, the reporting of births was voluntary) ...

(2)Also If an individual born after April 1, 1970 is unable to obtain a birth certificate, a certificate of non-availability is generally available from local authorities (but not for them who born before April 1, 1970 (like me) ...


I born 1948 in INDIA (no Birth Certificate and no  certificate of non-availability) ... But I have secondary document (Certificate of Recognized Boards from the school last attended) and  notarized affidavits from witness(es) present during my birth. then as per the link ...

(a)do I need BC /  certificate of non-availability for my I-485 application?

 (b)as per Birth Certificate policy manual (https://www.uscis.gov/policymanual/HTML/PolicyManual-Volume7-PartA-Chapter4.html) do  title 8 code of federal regulations sections 103.2(b)(2)(ii) ... in the link https://www.uscis.gov/ilink/docView/SLB/HTML/SLB/0-0-0-1/0-0-0-11261/0-0-0-11630/0-0-0-11646.html applicable for me? .

 (c) Where a record does not exist, do I must submit an original written statement on government letterhead establishing this from the relevant government or other authority (which must indicate the reason the record does not exist, and indicate whether similar records for the time and place are available) ... even if the link indicates, a certification from an appropriate foreign government that a document does not exist is not required as this type of document generally does not exist for people born before April 1, 1970 and (prior to April 1, 1970, the reporting of births was voluntary)

 (d) Is Department of State’s Foreign Affairs Manual and above link for Department of State reciprocity table (


) same?

Please advise




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