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Place of birth on Passport for Greencard application

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1.Will people having place of birth in  Iran( but nationality as Indian) get their green cards earlier than people born in India ? 

2. I was born in Iran while my father was working there as a doctor in 1990 .   My father somehow took a birth certificate in India and the place of my birth is mentioned as India . My father doesn’t have any documents related to it .  Is there a way I can get my actual  date of birth certificate  with place of birth as Iran ?  

3.In case I get my actual birth certificate from Iran , will there be any issues if I change the place of birth to Iran  in my passport now ? (I moved to United States from India last year .)

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1. Yes.

2. Unless you have an Iranian BC, you cannot take advantage of this. How was the Indian BC possible? A diplomat?

3. Discuss the matter with a lawyer.

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It was one of the countries under that travel ban..you never can guess what this administration will do next.tread carefully..the short cut route might lock you out of the country altogether...

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