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Eligibility to Process EB1 for L1B

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Hope this might have asked same question others, still i need to know my eligibility to process green card with EB1. I have total 15+ year exp in IT industry and now currently in US with L1B Visa. I am in same organization more than 11 years, also my current designation is Senior Project manager and i have been Project manager role for 3 years with same organization in outside of US and more than 30 resources reported to me . Now i have asked my company to process the green card EB1, but they have given some explanation & story, now they have started to process through EB3 (Since EB2 not eligible because wages not matching to process EB2, we are deputed from offshore to Onsite), currently my PERM is in progress stage. 

Now i want to know whether i have eligibility to apply for GC with EB1 based on above points. then i can go and fight with my company to process EB1.? If yes i have eligibility, then what is the process to upgrade from EB3 to EB1.

Please help and guide me to understand the process.

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Green card is a privilege and not right. Also EB1-C is completely up to discretion of employer so I would not "fight" with the employer. It is pretty clear your employer do not want to process your green card in "fast track" category for whatever reasons. Also from your post it seems like your job do not even seems to qualify for EB2 category so wondering how it qualifies under EB-1 category?

Contact different attorney and see what is their opinion.

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My job has been qualified for EB1, but our company not interested to process in EB1, also due to GC process wages, they said your wages not met with EB2, because we are deputed from offshore to Onsite (we are not onsite hire). so might be salary wages less when compared to onsite hires. My only thing, i want to know based on my experience, whether i have eligibility to process for EB1, just need the confirmation and i will go and fight my organization why they didnt file for EB1?

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