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EB-2 India Priority dates trend in last 5 years

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Attached is the chart that shows all the month by month movement (Final action) of priority date for EB-2 India. Some highlights are that

  • It never went beyond March 2009
  • Retrogression occurred every year near new fiscal year 
  • Trend and policies sharply changed during September 2016 that make it move forward without retrogression.
  • Any predictions till end of this fiscal year (September 2018)?


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Thank you for the graphical representation.

Any predictions till end of this fiscal year (September 2018)? ->

2013 movement (01 Sept 2004 - 15 Jun 2008) ~ 4 yrs

2014 movement (15 Jun 2008 - 01 May 2009) ~ 1 yr

2015 movement (01 May 2009 - 01 Jan 2006) ~ Back wards 3.4 yrs

2016 movement (01 May 2005 - 22 Feb 2005) ~ Back wards 6 months compared to 2015. DF introduced 01 Jul 2009.

2017 movement (15 Jan 2007 - 22 Aug 2008) ~ 3 yrs

2018 movement (15 Sept 2008 - 22 Dec 2008 and still counting...) ~ 1 yrs.

From the trend every alternate year uscis is moving it 3 yrs and next yr they are moving it by 1 yr. So for this yr I do not see it going beyond 08 Feb 2009 (as per DF chart prediction). But due to remaining other country visa spill over it might hit 01 Jun 2009.

vow ~9-10 yrs back log!

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