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H4 refused at Mumbai consulate with 221(g)

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Can anyone please help me with this? What would be the right set of documents to submit so that H4 is granted for my wife and my kid.
Any help would be highly appreciated. I need to go to US in April - May and would like to take my family along with me.
I was in US from Feb 2007 to May 2013, Oct 2014 to Feb 2016, June 2016 to Sept 2016, April 2017 to June 2017.
Me and my now ex-wife have been living separately because of difference of opinion since Nov 2010 and I had filed for divorce in 2013-14 and then I finally got divorce in October 2017.
I started a live-in relationship in April 2016. My divorce was still not done and that prevented me from marrying my new partner. We had baby in June 2017.
Finally my divorce was done in October 2017. With divorce papers in hand I married my partner in December 2017. We got married at Registrar of Marriage office in my city. It was no big ceremony but only a few near and dear ones at the marriage registration office.
After getting the marriage certificate my wife got her name and address changed on the passport and we also got a passport for the baby. My wife's passport has spouse's name as mine now.
I need to travel to US for project work in next few weeks, having said that I applied for H4 for my wife and kid and my wife and kid went for visa interview on March 6-7 and the H4 was refused with 221(g).
We have been living together since April 2016 now.
I have been asked to submit the documents proving relationship along with the passport to the nearest vfs location.
I might have to come to US for project work in next few weeks and would like my family to accompany me.
H4 221(g) states that I need to provide following kind of documentation to prove relationship:
  1. Pictures shot
  2. Call logs
  3. Other documents
  1. Picture shot - I have lot of pictures from Feb 2016 to Dec 2017, I can have them printed with date time shown on the picture
  2. Call logs - I have WhatsApp chat logs right from the first message that was sent to me in Feb 2015. As for the phone call logs I was able to get call logs from the phone company only for past 6 months and there is one small hitch in the call logs, my wife is using my number and I am using my mom's number. With that being said the call log statements have my name and my mom's name.
  3. Other documents - I have bank statement for a bank account opened in Jan 2017 with both my name and wife's name. We don't have many transactions on it though. Me and wife have been investing in mutual funds since Jan 2017 and have both of our names on mutual fund statements.

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