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H1B Extension - Non-IT background - education query

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Hi - I'm working on EVC model and I'm going for the 7th year extension. I'm working with the same client for the past 4 years as a contractor. I have non-IT Masters degree (Masters in U.S in Mechanical Engineering) and I'm working currently as a Software Architect. I'm hearing lot of RFEs these days on - How education (non-IT masters/bachelors degree) relates to the IT Job you are doing.

Can someone please advise on how to handle the above query if I come across ?

also, I have 1 Year IT experience in India (worked for IBM)

7+ Years IT experience in U.S (After Masters)

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Your employer should address that RFE.  Most importantly, submit evidence that your BE and MS in Mechanical Engg. is related to the job duties, If there is no either direct or indirect relation then be prepared for tough time.

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Hi guys... This is almost my kind of background, but i do have Masters in Computer Science in USA and working in USA since 11 years. 

Should i have any problem as well ? I am hearing lot of rumours about this education vs job role. 

I have BTech in Mechanical.

I have Masters in computer science in USA. (11 years USA exp)

Please advise friends.

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@AE01- So i can tell u some thing. Last week i went to Murthy office. There was a guy similar to your situation. He explained me this. 

1. Application extension denied - Basis of Btech and Mtech in mechanical engineering. 

2. Applied Again - Rejected again - Basis of attorney still did not convince the officer although client refiled with other documentation.

3. Applied Again - Approved - When client took some reco letters, professor opinions, the employee exp in usa of 11 years. 

The client is 60 B $ company IT industry.

So totally i can tell you your ext would be a challenge but people gets approvals as i have been seeing. But ur case is not a cake walk. I strongly recommend to take full time and prepare all reco letters, expert opinions etc...

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@sri_visa Thanks for your reply. Does Full Time with Client help in my case? 

Also, what are reco letters and expert opinions ? Where can I get those from and do I need to submit those as part of my extension application? 

Thanks in advance. 

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