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Did not work for Green card Sponsoring Employer at all

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I did work for "X" company from year 2007 to 2014. "X" company filed my GC under EB3 category in 2008. Another company "Y" filed my GC under "EB2" category in 2012 and ported my priority date to 2008. In NOV-2013 I received my Green Card Approval under EB2 Category. I did not join "Y" company at all, Since my "X"  Employer told me they had plans to merge "X" with "Y" very soon, Both Companies got merged finally around year 2015. But I did work for "X" company after I received my GC for about 5 months.

Now I am planning to apply for Citizenship. Is there going to be problem, Since I never joined "Y" company at all after I received my GC. As Of now I am thinking below options. Please chime in your thoughts which one is best, Or any other options.

1) Apply after 6+ years since I got my green card or
2) Apply now and Hire an Attorney to be safe during Interview Process.

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At the very least discuss your specifics with a Lawyer before applying for Naturalization. It is well known that most people change jobs every few years and it is not reasonable to spend years in limbo as it were. You should be all right.

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