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Mother's B2 visa go rejected

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My mother was up for her US visitor (B2) visa renewal after holding it for ten years. We were initially told during application process that she qualifies for a visa waiver program and just needs to go to an application center and give fingerprints. She did that in Chennai, only to receive empty passport 5 days later with a letter saying she needs to come for an interview. She went all the way to Chennai again for interview, only to get rejected. They did not see even a single document we had sent including the letter requesting the visa, that had all descriptions of why she wants to come and how long she will stay and her ties to home country. For more clarity here are some data points,

1. She (and my father) has held her B2 visa for ten years during which she visited only 4 times.

2. All barring one visit, she (and my father) stayed only 3-4 months

3. Only her last visit in 2016, we had extended her stay by 3 more months as we had planned some functions for my tenth wedding anniversary, given they don't travel to US that often, we wanted to them continue and attend it. They got the approval for that and they returned within that approved time

4. Since her last visit, my father has passed away so, she is currently single. However, she lives with my brother, her only son in India.

5. She was planning to come to US this time only for 3 months to attend my son's mundan ceremony and 2nd birthday and she had to return by end of July to perform first death anniversary of my father, all of which we had explained in the letter as well as she did during her interview.

6. She also explained to consular officer that other than me, her daughter, no one else is in US and she has all her relatives and extended family in India in the state she lives.

In spite of all of this, officer rejected her visa, without even checking any documents she carried and sent her back with a boiler plate 214b rejection letter that does not specify specific reason for rejection. We suspect the rejection is due to two factors, the fact that she is single now and that she extended her stay last time.  Given that they are not even checking the documents, we do not know how to overcome this. Really appreciate any pointers on how to overcome this. We really want her to have a visa, just as an option in case I want her to visit me occasionally, given that my father has recently passed away. Any help would be greatly appreciated.



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If everything you said was true, I do find it odd that she was denied...one extension over the span of ten years is no big deal...perhaps they believed that she would be coming to take care of the 2 year old while his mom went to work......still, her case does not sound that terrible, and she has a good track record, which in general should speak for itself. People who have had visas for years and not shown any real signs of abusing the privilege (like staying 6-10 months every year 'sight seeing') have, for the most part, established their credibility and would normally be good candidates for a renewal.    I would have considered her case a 'slam dunk' assuming all of the above facts are true. If she were going to overstay, she had plenty of chances to do so while her visa was still valid....

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Hi ,

I am also in the same boat ,my parents have got  221(g) and that they  had also  qualified for a visa waiver program and  needed to go to an application center and gave fingerprints. they did that in Bangalore, only to receive the passport 5 days later with a letter saying they  need to come for an interview and I have sent all the documents so they  can prepare for the interview in Chennai. 

We have never extended their stay here in US and they would visit us only for 3 months and they visited us for 3 consecutive summer.After listening to your question I am also doubtful how can i help my parents in this situation.


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well, perhaps new policies have become more strict....but it seems like a waste of time to chase down the older folks who have not shown a tendency to abuse the visa privilege....there are plenty of questionable to bad cases that need attention and/or a closer look.

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Same exact issue. My parents have been here for 5 times total in the last 10 years. 2 out of 5  times left in 10 weeks or less despite getting a port of entry I94 stamp of 6 months stay. They come only during summer time as they have their Son there and have own house they live in- they cant just lock it and come stay in US nor do they have any interest to come here. They qualified for dropbox then there was a letter saying they need to come personally to the center and provide supporting documentation for one overstay which was for 3 months. I had them stay specifically for travel purpose so they get the winter effect as well-they enjoyed the snow and probably had enough of the cold weather (-15 deg C)- they decided never to travel in winter after that effect. They have never stayed beyond summer on any other stay. Their visa was rejected as they did not believe that for travel they needed to stay 9 months-this was their second visit to US when this happened.


They are old parents and they probably can travel only when they are healthy which is few more years. I am not sure why the visa officer would reject based on that. There was also proof that the approved extension visa was available for proof. Just denied to my surprise. Some courtesy for old people might be helpful. Remember that they also come to visit family here and grand children during summer times . very unfortunate.

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