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Work location change in the same company

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I am looking to move another work location for the same company. I am on H1B visa with approved 140 and my current visa is expiring in 2 years. Do you see any issues in moving to the new location? ( different stae). This is  not a position change, only location change.

 Does my company needs to apply new H1 and start my GC process again from scratch??? 

Thank you.

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10 hours ago, snuthalapati said:

Thanks DevN.. Hope H1 amendment is not same as new H1. Does this also takes 2-3 months? Does this has premium processing?

Yes, This is same like h1 transfer /extension, similar process. Now days they consider this also as new petition and chances to get RFE as well.

You can also go for Premium as well.

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My company immigration specialist mentioned me that they need start GC process from scratch. ( my current status: 140 approved). I am much worried if we need to start GC process again as this takes again 12-18 months to approve PERM..etc. 

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