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Employer filing H1B as computer system analyst instead of software developer (Position offered)

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I am on post completion OPT (after ms in cs, 2017). I started working with my employer about 4-5 months back as a software developer. The employer had agreed to file H1 petition as a software developer at the time of offer. Recently though, they told me the case will be filed as a computer system analyst instead, citing many recent RFEs for level 1 software developers. I suspect the reason to be having to pay lesser LCA wage for a system analyst than for a software developer post H1 approval.

The employer is unwilling to reveal any proof of filing petition - such as case id,  whatsoever. They are making inconsistent, contradicting statements with respect to the LCA level they are to file with. I suspect they would alter my resume, and any document produced as evidence, so as to align with the role of Computer system analyst, given the fact they require resume in a word format.

My Question : 

1. In the eventuality that the LCA  filed as computer system analyst gets approved (and maybe my H1 gets approved too), will that make future H1B transfers to SDEV roles risky? How probable is an RFE citing change of roles (analyst to developer) during H1 transfer process?

2. I need advice on whether its better for me to reject the employer's offer to file the petition so as to avoid filing with inconsistent and possibly irrelevant job title?  

I have about 5 days to decide before employer starts the H1 process. Any help is sincerely appreciated! 

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@NHS - My company was doing to me too. i denied them and literally fought with my HR. Computer system analyst literally 90 out of 100 are getting denied. 

please do not go for it..

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