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Hema Reddy


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My I-94 is expired in september 2017 and i was working in USA on timely filed extension receipt. My H1-B extension is denied on 23rd February 2018. USCIS website updated the denial decision on 27th February (after 4 days of actual denial). When I got the denial alert from USCIS website, I immediately departed USA on the very next day (28 February).

My husband is working on H1-b as a full time employee (direct client employment, no layers in between). Now, I booked H4 visa appointment for me and my son at Hyderabad consulate. Will I have any issues with H4 stamping, as I have 6 days of unlawful presence in USA?

I am getting very tensed. If anyone else was in the same boat, can you please share how the stamping is done.

Thank you so much for the help.

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On 3/4/2018 at 8:55 PM, Pingpong123 said:

Hello Hema , can you please let us know the reason for denial , that way we will know what are the consequences at time of stamping

Thank you for your time. My H1 extension is denied on Employer Empleyee relation. My end client is a US government organization and they did not mention my responsibilities on client letter (as per their policy). They just gave me a two line letter that says I am working for them through the prime vendor. Prime vendor gave me their redacted contract with end client. However, USCIS does not accept it as the contract is redacted. They denied my petition.

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6 hours ago, DreamonVisa said:

Can you please share the reason for denial and also in which service center your application have been processed.

It is processed in Vermont service Center.  Reason is employer employee relation. 

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hi i am in the same boat. my i94 expired 4/6/2018 but my EOS was filed before 4/6/2018 and i got a denial on 31-aug-2018. my cos for h1-h4 was filed after my i94 expired on may 10th. i am leaving today. i have accrued 3 days as unlawful presence being a long weekend my lawyer wasnt available. will i have any h4 stamping issues? i am planning to go by September end. appreciate ur responses here.

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