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N400 Online vs paper filing

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I want to file for my citizenship, however, I want to understand the pros and corn for filing method. Any and everybody I have spoken has filed by mail.

Could you please explain some questions?

Which method is recommended?
Which method may raise questions, if any? e.g. Bad image quality to lost documents.
Any effect in processing time?
Better process traceability?
Anything you would recommend or highlight?


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I think it doesn't matter. The process of interview, etc. is still the same.

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Efiling gets you a very fast response if there is any issue as opposed to waiting for snail mail. Go for Efiling and investigate all avenues for expediting the matter before the elections.

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I believe the process-wise both will remain the same.

My thinking is data entry errors could be avoided (as the applicant is typing everything!!)


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