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port of entry - reentry permit

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how many times can one apply for a reenty permit.?
are reentry permit used only once during entry? say, f someone applies for a reentry permit but returns back in 1.4 months and was asked to sign the reentry permit at the poe.
if the out of country stay is less than 1 year,and if the POE officer is not happy about it, what exactly happens? will i still be let into the country and meet a immigration judge later or will  i be forced to sign some papers and sent back.
i heard, as a permanent resident, i will have access to ask for a lawyer.is that true. and can i reach out to lawyer like murthy law firm under such circumstances.

in reality ,had anyone ever been sent out from port of entry for staying out of country for upto a year...


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A reentry permit looks like a passport. There is nothing to sign when you have it. It can be used as long as it is valid.

Reentry permit are generally issued for 2 years. However, if a person had two reentry permits in a row, they are only issued for 1 year.


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A valid reentry permit is available for use during its validity. Why in tarnation would anybody be happy or unhappy about it? You can return ion one day or on the last day of validity. What is the specific reason for your question?

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