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H1B Petition with a 3-Year Degree and 8 Years of Experience

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I'm currently at the final interviewing steps for a position in a software company in the US. Although I've not got a formal offer yet, the outlook is very positive according to the hiring manager, and I want to be ready in case the visa application is filed in April.

I just can see that RFE coming already...

So, my question is, what do I need for the application? I have a 3-year BSc degree in Information Systems Engineering from Costa Rica, and eight years of experience in the field so far (all for US-based clients and companies.) Considering I could ask for experience certification letters accounting for 4-5 years of that experience (some of the companies no longer exist or have lost contact with managers,) would that be enough to even the 3:1 rule?

Thanks in advance!

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can you post us with an update on your case? I am sailing on the same boat and want to see if it went through and what mneeds to be done to make it through

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