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B1/B2 Visa rejected for my sister. Any impact to my H1?

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I am working in US on H1B VISA. My GC process is in Progress. Yesterday my sister went for B1/B2 VISA interview in Chennai and got rejected with Blue slip (Case-214). The VO gave back my sister's passport but he kept my H1B copy, the letter that I typed requesting the consulate to provide VISA for my sister and my passport copy. The VO said he needs to have those copies for documentation. 


My Question is - Since he kept my work authorization copies, does that mean anything? will there be any impact to my current status of work authorization? or Will it impact my H1B stamping in chennai (which I am going to do later this year). 


Please Advise!!!


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Her denial was likely under 214(b), which should have no effect on your status whatsoever. Did the CO keep the original I 797? Cannot imagine why. If just copies, then as long as you have the originals, you should not have a problem renewing.

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