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Need a clarification about my education background.

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Hi All,


My bachelors degree is in Mechanical Engineering and I completed my Masters degree in Software Engineering.

Currently I am working as a Software Engineer and I am on H1b visa.

When renewing H1B extension, will they consider my terminal degree, which is Software Engineering or my Bachelors degree also? Can this lead to any RFE due to education background?


Please help me with this question as I couldn't find much information in my research. 

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I am sorry, There is no black & White answer to this.

Yes, most current degree will get the preference. Your coursework and performance will be vetted against your Bachelor's degree AND aligned against your job responsibilities. 

USCIS can RFE if they are not satisfied or otherwise. It's hard to predict & extremely subjective case by case basis.

My gut, prompts me to assess you won't have RFE because of the latest degree being in the filed of petitioner.


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17 minutes ago, pontevecchio said:

 But employer credibility seems to count for a lot in recent decisions.

Nailed it ! 

This is really the case and 1st crucial assessment petition goes through these days before your personal evaluation

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These days as some one above mentioned. They are looking at the credibility of the employer. My brother is pharmacy microbiology. but he got approved. 


My friends routine employees lost H1B due to special occupation although they are from cs background, they work for desi employers.

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I myself i am from Mechanical Btech, Masters in IT in USA. I went to murthy office and they said very unlikely to get an rfe. but if even we get it its a likely case to approve as they r confident on documentation specific to my case.

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Thank you for your replies everyone.


As far as the credibility of employer goes, I am very safe in that aspect. They are a well known company with no dependency on H1B workers.


Fingers crossed and hope my petition goes through with no issues!

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A lot of it depends on the job requirements of your role and then what kind of company you work for. If the job you are working and interviewed/LCA applied for, had a minimum requirement of BS or MS in CS or related field, it will be a straight forward petition as your MS in SE can be utilized as core justification. But if your job requires only a Bachelors degree and that too in CS kind of field, the burden of proof of how your Mechanical engineering background fits the role will fall on your employer. If the job requires only a Bachelors degree, any higher degree is irrelevant. Since this is an extension, though I highly doubt any issue even in that scenario, I would make sure the petition is handled by a competent attorney and carefully.

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