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Laid off by current employer, H1B being transferred by another one

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Yesterday I was laid off by my current employer(full time). I had a sense of lay offs coming a long ago and started looking for jobs. I got a full time one and they are working on getting the H1B transferred.  My question would be if my H1 transfer do not goes through and I couldn't find a job in 2 months, do I have to leave US ? Any help is appreciated. 


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Your new H1b documents should reach USCIS within 60 days of termination date. Else, you need to leave US or file COS to another visa status such as F2/H4. Also, being laid off on H1b, you are entitled to get one person- one way air ticket to home country. This is apart from Severance Package. 

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Thanks for the reply. I was told that I will be paid 1 month of salary as severance(last pay check will be in Mid-March). Also, I checked with the legal team of current company and was told that they will send the H1 transfer application this week(premium processing). My worry is do you think I have good chances of getting the transfer approved ? How good are the chances of transfer for full time cases ? Again, your help is much appreciated. 

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