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Can a B2 visa holder enter the US while I-130 is pending for review?

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Hello !

I am a US citizen and want to apply for permanent residency status for my parents (currently indian citizens and living in India).

If I send out their I-130 forms in February 2018, can they enter the US in July 2018 on B2 visa ? Is there a chance they can be denied entry?

Is it advisable to apply for their I-130 after they arrive in the US in July 2018 on their currently valid B2 visa? If yes, how do we proceed further?

Thanks and looking forward to hearing from you.

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It is unlikely. A small chance of big trouble. At the very least a shorter duration of stay with NO AOS/EOS notation. It is also possible they may not know. In any case go the Consular route for their GC.

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