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Cancelling greencard application for parents - ramifications ?

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With new administrations tough stance on family reunification, there is a possibility that Senate might agree to the proposal to cancel parental greencard.

My parents do not want to get greencard right now but I want to keep that option open, if at all possible.

I am thinking about applying for their green card right now ( I am US citizen ) and see what happens in coming weeks, in case the law does not go through, I would like to cancel their application.

Can I do that ? Also, if I do that, how will it impact their future application, say in coming 5-10 years (provided no new law passes).


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It is very unlikely that the bedrock of US Immigration will be changed. In fact against the background of November, no such bill will even pass committee. You are giving too much credence to the great twit. It is patently silly to file for them when they do not want to be permanent residents. Once they have the GC, they have to stay here and pay taxes here if applicable. Instead of wasting your time and money, let the future take care of itself.

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